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What's On Tap

Our Brews

We are about excellent craft beer, lasting friendships and a commitment to seeking the good. You can expect a well-rounded set of exceptional craft beers within our taproom available year round. We strive for clean flavors and approachable beers. We’re always crafting and experimenting.

The Brewhall aims to have an often changing and diverse tap list. Our aim is to continue with regular (flagship) styles, but also provide a wide range of unique beers for beer connoisseurs and those that enjoy exploring new flavors!

Lagers & Lighter Styles

Light, crisp, refreshing and often a little complex!

Cross Czech

$4 | $6

Czech Pilsner - ABV: 5.2% - IBU: 36 - An easy-drinking Czech Pils to keep you upright on the skates, with friends or just watching a game. Look for a mellow Saaz hop aroma - with a flavorful taste and finish. Gluten Reduced!

Holmes Landing

$4 | $6

Farmhouse Ale - ABV: 6.6% - IBU:24 - Powerful notes of banana and undertones of orange and lemon greet you. A flavorful offering that finishes quite dry on the palate. This beer will surprise you how easy it is to enjoy.

Loki's Daughter

$4 | $6

Munich Helles - ABV: 5.3% - IBU: 17 - It is always a bright day with a Helles in your glass. A refreshing pour to explore a more malty lager – clean and fresh with a great bright gold color. Gluten Reduced!

IPAs & Hoppy Goodness

Where would beer be without a healthy dose of hops!  Whether for a bit of bitterness and/or the smooth citrus aroma and flavor!

Highway 101

$4 | $6

West Coast IPA - ABV: 6.8% - IBU: 70 - Our classic West Coast IPA. A plethora of American hops bring citrus and pine notes, strong malty body, and a crisp finish.

Oaty McOatface

$5 | $7

Hazy NE IPA - ABV: 7.4% - IBU: 38 - Oaty is back with a new array of hops - Citra, Huell Melon and Mackinac hops! Good citrus flavors with little to no bitterness.

Sours, Fruited Beer & Infusions

Creations brought to you by the Mad Scientist Ben!  Ben loves to dabble and explore fruit infusions, sours and one-off styles!

Cucumber, Lemon Honey, & Basil Pilsner


Infused Pilsner - ABV: 5.2% - IBU: 36 - It's a little sweet, and a lot refreshing! A new concoction to keep your palette interested.

Duck, Duck... Peach & Passionfruit

$5 | $7

Fruited Gose - ABV: 4.3% - IBU: 6 - Oh, the controversy…duck, duck, goose or gray duck! This gose has peach and passionfruit - a new combination for us. Enjoy this refreshing beer on our hot summer days and nights!

More malty and potentially darker brews

Depending on the season, these styles vary.  Look for more malt forward styles, typically dark in color with an array of ABV levels. 

Banana Hammock


Wiezenbock - ABV: 9.2% IBU: 11 On a warm summer's eve and a day bound for nowhere, get ready to put your feet up and enjoy the heat, sun and friends. The high ABV will cool your insides and the flavors will take you to a tropical place.

Murphy's Landing


Belgian Tripel - ABV: 10.5% - IBU: 25 - Oh the sweetness! A big, bold beer with a beautiful golden hue. This Belgian Tripel finishes clean, dry, and flavorful. Full of malt and a locally sourced maple syrup.

Velour Pajamas - NITRO


Oatmeal Stout - ABV: 5.6% - IBU: 26 - Like sliding into your favorite PJs, enjoy this smooth and velvety soft stout.