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We are about excellent craft beer, lasting friendships and a commitment to seeking the good. You can expect a well-rounded set of exceptional craft beers within our taproom available year round. We strive for clean flavors and approachable beers. We’re always crafting and experimenting.

The Brewhall aims to have an often changing and diverse tap list. With a two 12-tap towers, we intend to develop and refine a few of common (flagship) beers, but also provide a wide range of unique beers for beer connoisseurs and the citizens of Shakopee to experience!

At the Brewhall, we realize that beer is not for everyone. While there are licensing restrictions that prohibit regular access to other alcoholic beverages, we aim to have soda and cold-pressed coffee for your enjoyment as well.

You are always welcome at the Brewhall. With a beautiful park and river just down the street, a downtown strip growing with clothing stores, coffee shops and a Brewhall, bring the family down for a break from the action!

Crisp & Light

Looking for a lighter “gateway to craft beer option” this may be your hang-out. For the most part, look for light color and low abv options. Styles can include lagers, sours (or gose) and infusions.

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Cinco De Shako

Imagine time with friends at the beach or porch and a crushable beer at your side. This cerveza is smooth, crisp and clean.

*Gluten Reduced
Cinco De Shako Lime
Lime Infusion – ABV: 5.3% – IBU: 11

Enjoy this refreshing lime infused Cinco – while there may be a little chill in the air, at least your mind can wonder somewhere warm!

*Gluten Reduced

Duck Duck....
Gose – ABV: 4.0% IBU: 6

Oh, the controversy…duck, duck, goose or gray duck! Packed with blood orange, coriander and sea salt.

Loki's Daughter
Munich Helles – ABV: 5.3% – IBU: 17

It is always a bright day with a Helles in your glass. While the cold and darkness of winter may tip the scales, have a pint and catch-up with friends to warm the season and bring a bit of balance!*Gluten Reduced


Some call themselves hop-heads. Hops are a fun addition to beer. Depending on the beer, hops do not always imply a bitterness. Whether it is a west coast IPA or a north east IPA, the hop addition provides an enjoyable addition – give them a whirl!

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Highway 101
West Coast IPA – ABV: 6.8% – IBU: 65

Whether you are on the 101 along the Pacific Ocean or the 101 in Shakopee – this West Coast IPA will have you envisioning the tropics as this beer has been hit hard with a strong citrus hop blend.

Fine, Whatever
New England IPA ABV: 7.6% IBU: 46

Fine, whatever…a brewer’s lament to follow the phase or the craze. With the array of hops used this IPA is bursting with citrus flavor and aroma. Don’t let “IPA” fool you, while loaded with hops, this is a smooth pour – easy for conversation or dismissing a thought…fine, whatever.

IDouble IPA ABV: 8.5% IBU: 90

Turning it up to 11 or 8.5! Enjoy our amped up Highway 101. Both beers have similar directions; however, the double is built-up with additional Cascade, Centennial and Bramling Cross hops.

Toasted - Malty - Nutty

Quite a range of options within this category. Look for more malt forward styles, typically dark in color with an array of ABV levels. This is a group of styles that have such a unique array of flavors, that often times the dark color can deter folks – in the end, give it a try!

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Black Forest
German Stout – ABV: 4.8% IBU: 25

Take a stroll through the Black Forest of Germany…with loads of Munich malt, this beer drinks a bit like an Oktoberfest. The malt flavor is pleasantly prominent with an enjoyable light finish.

Magic Feather
Peanut Butter Porter – ABV: 6.4% IBU: 21

Elephants like peanuts, feathers help elephants fly! The aroma & flavors are heavy with peanut butter & chocolate. Enjoy a magical ride! This beer CONTAINS NUTS

Shakopee Red
Red Ale – ABV: 4.3% IBU: 25

Bringing back an original for St. Paddy’s Day! A light amber offering that provides refreshing notes of caramel and light citrus.


We try to appease any and all, as best we can.  Within this category, we have a few options that complement beer and provide an alternate to our own concoctions.

Check out our locally provided kombucha from Bootlegger BrewingAs well as our coffee roasting friends out of Chaska – Driven Coffee Roasters!  Lastly, we typically have a wide option of craft soda from Northern Craft Soda.

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Kombucha mixed with a Lager
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Craft Soda

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At Shakopee Brewhall we have two great loves: people and beer. Depending on our thirst at the moment, it's hard to say which we admire more. Out outstanding collection of constantly changing beer is matched only by our genuine hospitality. Pull up a stool in our brewhall. Because when craft meets community, good times are bound to happen.

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