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Sitting back at the brewhall with a few friends, drinking some of the finest crafted beer in the state, it is bound to happen. Hunger. Fear not! At the brewhall we encourage sharing the wealth and supporting our communities. Get your phone out and order some carry out or delivery to the brewhall. You will find a list of a few of many food options in the downtown Shakopee area.

Just be sure to have a great time and enjoy the moment.

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to the brewhall

To break out of the stereotypical way that the Mexican culture is expressed in restaurants. There is so much more that the culture has to offer and can also evolve as time goes by. When we chose “Modern street food”, it was because our original plan was to have a food truck but the restaurant came first so we wanted to continue with the theme of street food.

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O’Brien’s Public House

O’Brien’s Public House is a unique Irish Restaurant located in historic Downtown Shakopee. The authentically decorated pub is a mix of local structural antiques as well as touches from the old country.

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Pablo’s Mexican Restaurant

Since 1986, people have come from near and far to satisfy their craving for fresh Mexican Cuisine at Pablo’s Mexican Restaurant. Family owned and operated, Pablo’s Mexican Restaurant’s delicious, California-style cuisine was influenced by our family’s Hispanic roots.

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Turtle's Bar & Grill

We serve only Certified Angus Beef burgers and our fried chicken is listed on the menu as MN’s best! It took 8 months of research and development to perfect the chicken breading. Our world class handmade thin crust pizza is entirely made from scratch. We make our own dough, grind our own cheese, mix our own sauce and even blend our own signature sausage from a decades-old recipe.

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Papa John's

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