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SINGLE Release Saturday: Cherry/Key Lime Lager


UPDATE: Apologize for the late news, but the Shandy DOES NOT meet our expectations.  It is a tough call to not release, but in times like these, customers are not allowed to sample before leaving with a crowler.  That said, we simply do not want people leaving with product and being disappointed.

We will have the cherry and key lime available.

Sorry for the Saturday morning news.

Shakopee Brewhall Team


Two small batch releases for Memorial Day Saturday!

First up, the Brewhall’s Lemon Shandy is coming back.  The Brewhall continued the tradition of a shandy with plenty of lemon added to our Munich Helles.

There will be no pre-orders for this ~70 crowler release. If crowlers are available, we will open this beer up at 12:30 pm Saturday afternoon for Carry-out Reservations.

Secondly, our small(er) batch release is a cherry and key lime Munich Helles. Again, no pre-orders.  Sorry, wish we had a bit more!

Cheers and be safe.

Date: May 23, 2020
Duration: 1 Day