Reserve Your Brews Online For Carryout

To place orders you have the following options:
1) Reserve Online – Fill out the information when checking out to hold your brews.
2) Call 952-582-4292 to place your order
3) Based on time of day, please give us 18-24 hours to fill your order.

Please note that walk-in orders are certainly welcome, no requirement to order in advance, just trying to help the customer “get in and out”.
To pick up growler or crowler orders:

Stop by the Shakopee BrewHall taproom:
11 am – 4 pm Sunday through Tuesday
11am – 6 pm Wednesday through Saturday

No need to call ahead!

*All carryout orders will be held for 1 business day after receiving email notification that your order is ready for pick-up. After 1 business day all orders will be subject to beer availability at that time.

*An additional $5 charge (growler deposit) will be incurred if you are not bringing in a return Shakopee Brewhall growler.

Thank you and be safe!

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